Content is King


Content is King - make sure that your content takes centre stage, not the presentation and graphical fun and games going on all around it. A site doesn't need to be overloaded with spinning wheels, flashing lights and graphical niceties for it to be attractive.

Remember that visitors are impatient. The key is the five second rule: either get your message on screen and ready to read in five seconds or less, or forget about it. If you can't do it in five seconds, make sure that you get enough of a hook to keep your visitors attention while the rest of the page is loaded.

If your pages take longer than five seconds to complete, then make sure they're constructed in such a way as to make something readable and usable appear well within that five seconds. If your visitors have a couple of paragraphs or more to read while the rest of the page arrives, they're more likely to stay than if all they have is a blank screen and anticipation.

Keep it Simple
Your own, meaningful domain name hosted on a quality web server will help to bring in visitors. Aiming for a short, memorable and meaningful domain name with as few components as possible:   is preferable to  for many, many reasons.