Links and Back Links


What Goes Around, Comes Around
Get the word out by simple exchanges of links with other Web sites. What goes around, comes around, after all.
If you can find people out there in a similar market sector, or an associated one, consider swapping links with them. If your customers can also become their customers, and vice versa, you both win. Look for directories and online magazines related to anything you do, and swap links with them.
You will get more chance of being listed in their directory of sites to visit if you have a link back to them. You can't expect to get listed in portals and directories of services without giving something back from time to time. It is supposed to be a web, rather than a tree after all.

Promote via email
One popular way of promoting yourself and your services, and making a name for yourself as someone useful is to create a newsletter (always an opt-in rather than a mass-mail unsolicited mail shot) in which you can give interested parties and would-be customers information of use to them. Make sure that each and every newsletter you send out includes details on how to unsubscribe.
Even if the content is not earth-shattering in its originality, you may be able to identify a niche or an angle that will allow you to "localise" the content, either to your physical location or to your location within your particular marketplace. Read other people's news and columns out there and use them as a guide to what is happening of relevance in the world and the web. Maybe you can tell your readers how the news impacts on the market they are in, or the business needs that you are fulfilling for them.

"What's in it for me?"
A newsletter can be discreetly laced with self-publicising adverts, links and news, so long as it also has something of interest to your audience, as well as to you. Again, remember the key question your audience will be asking, even if subconsciously: "What's in it for me?"