On-page and Off-page Strategies


Take it offline as well as online

Three keywords: Promotion, promotion and promotion.

Offline and online
Offline, make sure that your web address is there on your business cards, invoices, letterheads, envelopes, Christmas cards and bank cheques. Anything that has your company name on it should have your web address on it. Make sure that your friends, family, suppliers, doctor, dentist, tree lopper, bank manager and local convenience store owner know your web address.

People tell people. Don't feel guilty about using your friends and family as free advertising.
On-line, make sure that your web address is at the end of every mail you send - To anybody. It's back to marketing through friends and family again. Auntie Beryl who immigrated to Kansas may not be interested in buying from you, but Fred Smith down the road who she kept in contact with might be. Word of mouth is still a very powerful force on the Internet.